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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  November 1, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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he is live in chappaqua, new york. good morning, phil. >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. the firestorm launched to capitol hill. the fbi at quantico cataloging the e-mails that kicked that firestorm back off. james comey, the fbi director, is standing firm on his decision to send the letter and he will come out and not saying anything until the election is complete. the hillary clinton campaign has attacked him all weekend. >> there is no case here. >> reporter: hillary clinton and her campaign firing back at fbi director james comey. slamming his decision to notify congress of a new investigation into thousands of e-mails found on a computer belonging to the husband of a top clinton aide
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huma abedin. hillary clinton's campaign turning the tables on comey. >> it is impossible to view this as anything less and a blatant double standard. >> reporter: refusing to comment on the donald trump ties and his campaign to russia. on comey accused of sitting on explosive information. trump's russia connections without offering proof. cnn cannot corroborate any of the reports. the u.s. officials tell cnn that russia is behind hacks that could potentially influence the u.s. election. meanwhile, trump is capitalizing on comey's e-mail probe. >> it took guts for director comey to make the move he made in light of the kind of opposition he had. >> reporter: comey said the e-mails on the computer appear
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to be pertinent to the closed e-mail investigation. >> we can be sure what is in the e-mails is devastating. we will find out, by the way, for the first time. thank you, huma. thank you, anthony weiner. >> reporter: huma abedin's attorneys responding saying from the beginning, she has complied fully and voluntarily with state department and law enforcement requests and she learned of the e-mails on friday from the press. clinton continuing to apologize for the e-mail server, but issued a challenge to investigators. >> i'm not making excuses. i said it was a mistake and regret it. by all means, they should look at them. i am sure they will reach the same conclusion they did when they looked at my e-mails for the last year. >> reporter: all of this as the new york times obtains documents
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that they say donald trump escaped tens of millions s of dollars by using a move later outlawed by congress. and any tax experts you consulted are engaged in pure speculation. there is no news here. guys, seven days out, one week. not that anybody is counting. a good sense is looking at the map. donald trump heading to blue states. he was in new mexico over the weekend. in pennsylvania for a big obamacare speech today with mike pence. and heading to wisconsin. hillary clinton is in florida. president obama heading to ohio. vice president joe biden heading to north carolina. that means clinton campaign is going to battleground states. if she wins any one of the three states, she solidifies her claim
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to the white house. donald trump is heading to blue states. this is where hillary clinton has sizable leads across the board. he really needs to win the states to expand the map. guys. >> phil, thank you for all of that background. let's discuss it with our panel. political analyst jackie k kucinich and matt lewis and david gregory. guys, thank you for being here. i don't know where to start. every day is no longer an october surprise. it is an october smorgasbord. it sounds, jackie, as if we have to live with ambiguity. voters have to make their decision without figuring out what's on a laptop. it doesn't sound the fbi will
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give us anything in the next week. >> that is what they said in the onset. we don't have time to look into this in terms of before the election. that is why you see the clinton campaign coming out so forcefully. the fact she is addressing this from the stump is something that hillary clinton really hasn't done this forcefully through the other scandals throughout the election. she tried to move on. this time, they know this is potentially damaging and they will not take it. >> so, matt, spin is good. the intersection of law and politics allows one to play to advantage. the donald trump campaign is ignoring the ambiguity of this. the fact that comey and making this controversial disclosure so close to the election. they don't know if any of the e-mails are relevant or significant to the case. how big a deal will this be after yesterday? >> i think the story is a big deal and we are now entering the
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final stage of the campaign. i don't know if the story, we have very fast news cycles. i don't know if this will leninr for a full week. if you go to the election booth thinking about hillary clinton's e-mail mess, donald trump has a chance of winning. if you go into the booth thinking about "access hollywood" then hillary wins. this is a fight over framing of the issue. what is the election about? donald trump, i think, the mistake he could make here is overreaching. he has done that many times. >> you don't think they have already done that? he came out and said there is proof of intentional action. when he said comey finally did what he is supposed to do. he is making gross assumptions about what they have. they don't know how long it will take them to go through it. >> he is banking on running out the clock. he is banking on he can
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exaggerate and he won't be called on it. there will be no proof he is exaggeratin exaggerating. i still think this is a mistake with or without donald trump. he needs to go after winning new voters. he has a tendency to rile up his base. >> so, talk about the speed with which the news cycle happens. it is like whiplash, david. at the same time the fbi is investigating huma abedin's e-mails now. there is all sorts of consternation on the democratic side saying whoa, a double standard here. you have told us or we have some sort of insider information at least senator harry reid is saying this that there are connections between the trump campaign and russia. if the fbi knows about it and the fbi is sitting on it, in order to not upset the presidential election. where are we on that side of the
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story? >> i don't know where the truth of the matter is. that is an incendiary claim. the fbi did not want to comment on those potential leaks. there is reporting of no such leaks in "the new york times" this morning. the fbi did not want to comment on what the intelligence community over the russia hacking of the dnc e-mails and trying to influence the election. the clinton campaign has talked about that. it has been known that the intelligence community knows about that. this is the soup that james comey has himself in. by saying so much last july and saying no reasonable prosecutor would go after hillary clinton. he divulged a lot. once you go through this and initiate that talk about the investigation, then where does it stop? this is where he finds himself. the clinton team are upset with the attorney general loretta
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lynch. she also has taken a backseat in all of this and given all of this independence to james comey. she said she would defer to the director of the fbi in the investigation. she felt she had to do that because of a monumentally horrible decision by former president bill clinton to initiate the off the record meeting with her on her plane on a tarmac somewhere. nobody in the clinton world can understand why he would ever think that was a good idea. you know, a lot of this they did bring upon themselves. it becomes a real factor. let's say from a political point of view, i think donald trump has done something very smart. what he is saying in addition to overreaching and saying things that are untrue. there is no reason this is part of the cache of e-mails deleted.
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you will have if hillary clinton becomes president, a constant flow of investigation. it will gridlock the government. there is a moment of truth to that. whether or not it is fair, this is an issue that hangs over a clinton presidency. donald trump is using that as a way to suppress her turnout. >> there is no reason to believe equally that trump wouldn't be under the same shadow as president in the role as oversight, there are plenty of things to investigate trump to waste taxpayer dollars. jackie, what a place we find ourselves in. the russian accusations are tricky to report on. the fbi thing is hard to report on because there is no factual basis for why he did it. that takes us to "the new york times." they come out with a story about his taxes that you can vet. this has been reported a while ago. even cnn did it.
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trump carried forward his losses in two clever ways. the one getting attention is forgiven debt. i lend you $10. you pay back $6. i forgive $4 as the bank. they later changed the rule. the new yorks tim times is usint as duplicity of his way to cheat the system. hasn't that been plumbed? >> this goes to someone who doesn't think he is subjected to the same rules as everyone else. that is one of the chief criticisms of the clinton campaign we heard from the trump campaign. this brings him into the same stew to use david's analogy. that isn't good. the fact he looks like he is not paying taxes and the story, his attorneys told him that this was
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a -- >> a legal letter from will farr said this will expose you. >> they advised against it. >> does that make him unusual? people are trying to get around that system all the time. >> sure. of course they do. again, it goes to basic fairness. you pay your taxes. i pay my taxes. that's what you will hear from the clinton campaign. not to mention, he has not released his taxes breaking with four decades of precedent of presidential candidates. panel, stick around if you would. we will be back shortly. >> the trump campaign is now condemning one of its supporters. the self proclaimed white supremacist putting out a robo call in utah. it is the bottom of the barrel. cnn's ana cabrera has more.
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>> i make this call against evan mcmullin. evan is an open borders supporter. >> reporter: the guy behind it? >> they put up a candidate to try to stop donald trump. >> reporter: william johnson. a trump supporter and white nationalist. >> there are those of us who want to do our part to help him become elected. >> reporter: listen closely to the call that is creating controversy. >> evan has two mommyies. evan is okay with that. evan is over 40 years old and is not married and doesn't have a girlfriend. i believe evan is a closet homosexual. >> reporter: he spent $2,000 to dial up 193,000 land lines in
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the state. mcmullin, a former cia operative and devout mormon. >> it is a close race. the momentum is ours frm. >> reporter: johnson admits he doesn't know mcmullin. >> evan mccullin is the candidate. >> reporter: when asked about the allegation? >> i don't know if he is or not. i said i think he might be. >> i'm straight. that's all i have to say about that. it is not something i feel i have to defend. i'm not happy he attacked my mother. i'm not happy about the approach. i think it will back fire in utah. >> reporter: the trump campaign said we strongly condemn the rhetoric and activity which we have no knowledge. ana cabrera, cnn.
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the trump campaign says the robo call goes to voters in utah is wrong. it is from a white nationalist who supports donald trump. he is targeting the independent candidate evan mcmullin. he insinuates he is gay. >> more than insinuates. >> he says he is over 40, single and goes on to the rant of stupidity. evan says it shouldn't matter. let's bring back our panel. jackie kucinich and matt lewis and david gregory. what's the problem? the problem is not stupidity and anti-gay phobia. we are well aware of that.
2:20 am
it is the allegation that donald trump doesn't go after haters enough when they line up behind them. whether it is duke or this fool. >> yeah. they haven't. in this case, they came out fairly quickly and condemned the robo call. this is someone who -- >> a quick check. if i say something that donald trump doesn't like. he will call me 1,000 names today. he doesn't do that with these guys. there is no trump rant of him calling this guy 100 terrible names. that is where the criticism comes in. >> what does that solve at this point? whether it is right or wrong, it is seven days to the election. to say he has been egged on this language throughout the campaign and doesn't come out and condemn it, it is a fair criticism. >> matt, this is a big deal. in utah, evan mcmullin is
2:21 am
getting tremendous numbers. >> he is a mormon. he spent a lot of time. is it any coincidence that the friend of the campaign goes after this guy in this way and this place? >> i would say no more coincidence that the fact "the new york times" has a few surprises about donald trump today. it is not a coincidence. >> matt, you say you calling me gay without cause the reporting of what people say about you? >> i'm talking about the lack of coincidence that all of a sudden these things pop up out of nowhere. coincidence with a week left. this hurts donald trump and helps evan mcmullin. you have a rogue guy from california who inserts himself in the campaign at the last minute. thinks he is helping donald trump. what i know about utahans as
2:22 am
they call themselves. i think if anything, this helps evan. >> david, let's move on to another despicable comment. senator richard burr caught on audio in which he made a threat against hillary clinton. >> made me feel any better than i walk into a gunshot yesterday in oxford and a copy of "rifleman" on the counter. it has a picture of hillary clinton on the front of it. i was shocked at that. it didn't have a bull's-eye on it. >> he was shocked there wasn't a bull's-eye over hillary clinton's face on a gun magazine. he has apologized. >> he said it was a bad joke. not a threat. >> is this trump's fault? when people go off the
2:23 am
reservation and say despicable things what is trump supposed to do? >> we can't blame everything on trump. it is like when everything goes back to benghazi. let's blame everything on benghazi. this is a hideous example of public discourse and casual all too familiar indication of violence against hillary clinton who could become the next president who is a major party nominee. the fact you have numerous examples of this happening. this really is beyond unfortunate. it ought to be condemned. it is dangerous in an age when you have the violence we have to potentially direct toward political figures. for the likes of richard burr and others who have made these comments. the outrage they would express if this would have been directed
2:24 am
to the head of their party. it raises the specter of the casual talk of violence against women on top of it. it ought to be condemned. anybody in public life ought to be condemned it. donald trump has plenty to be accountable for of what he injected in public discourse which is crude and unamerican. he has plenty to be unaccounted for. this is on senator burr. >> i think the only criticism that is fair is donald trump is not a man would misses an opportunity to be loud and proud when it suits him. david is right. if this were said about him, you would hear about it all day. this is all on richard burr. a guy with that last name shouldn't use that tone. >> i want to punch that guy in the nose. that guy should come out with a stretcher. in a way that other presidential candidates have not.
2:25 am
>> fine. right. yes, he has plenty to be accountable for. this is about joking about assassination of a presidential nominee. absolutely should not be done. >> he could take the opportunity to david's point to really go after this guy and go after the robo caller and say when i'm president, guys like this, a harsher president for somebody because they are gay or bs allegation about them being gay. >> i want to say trump has totally missed an opportunity to stand up to white supremacist and anti-semitic. when his daughter is a jew. his grandson is jew. >> he haske kellyanne talking. >> panel, thank you very much for all of your insights.
2:26 am
we will see you later. election day is almost here. >> what? >> yes. join us next tuesday for election day in america. we'll have every race covered. every result. we have a special extended program. >> tell them how long. >> the next day after six hours. on election day, a mere four hours. don't miss a moment of it. stay with cnn until the last vote is cast. >> from 3:00 on wednesday morning because, you know, who knows what will happen. we will be here all day. i may grow a beard. source of personal embarrassment. important news for you out of iraq. we hear forces are poised to march on the city of mosul. tens of thousands of civilians may be caught in the crossfire. what can be done to save them? live report from the frontlines next. it's time to shake things up.
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iraq's prime minister promising to chop the head off the head of isis. the fight against isis is on track and moving forward. donald trump claims the fight is a total disaster. senior correspondent arwa damon is live near mosul with the facts from the frontlines. >> reporter: alisyn, you can see the town behind us. this is the closest the iraqi troops have been near mosul. we are with the u.s. trained counterterrorism unit. they have been pushing through. you can see the damage done to
2:32 am
the humvee behind me. some of that is old from battles past. some of that from the most recent advance into the city itself. unclear how many isis fighters are there. according to the commander, isis keeps moving fighters in and out of town from the town toward mosul. you see it as a bit hazy, but a lot of fires being burned by isis. oil set ablaze by isis on the outskirts of mosul. this is an attempt to obscure visibility from the skies. they are confident they will be on the outskirts and inside mosul soon, chris. arwa, thank you. please stay safe. at least one worker is dead and five wounded in an explosion and fire along the colonial gas line pipeline in alabama. officials say the pipeline was
2:33 am
undergoing maintenance when a crew hit it with a trackhoe. it is the second time in two months the east coast supply line had to be shown. gas prices in the southeast and mid-atlantic are expected to rise. pentagon sending a message to china and north korea by sending a navy submarine with ballistic missiles to guam. china's activities in the south china sea along with the north korea activities. president obama and first lady taking part in the last halloween bash at the white house. they gave out candy and were even spotted breaking out the moves to michael jackson's "thriller." there was one costume that cost the president's eye. there he is posing and chatting with a child dressed as a lame duck. you get the reference?
2:34 am
>> i guess it. doesn't he need crutches? >> that's not pc. did you see the "thriller" moves? did his jeans once again offend the mason/dixon line for mom jeans on a man? >> they are a little high. >> he had the wherewithal to put the sweater over it. >> if he tucked the sweater into the jeans? >> i guess we are told to move on. it is not that interesting. >> oh, contrary. for hillary clinton, it is the e-mails. for donald trump, it is his taxes and "access hollywood" tape. which candidate is dealing with the worst controversies and what will decide the outcome on november 8th? we discuss all of that ahead on "new day."
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all right. just seven days until the election. still for too many, you are framing your choice in terms of who is less bad. you got trump with everything that comes out of his mouth that seems to offend far too many and taxes and russian allegations and temper. with clinton, you have e-mails and foundation and basket of what trump calls corruption. so whose problems are worse? joining us to make the chase is commentator maria cardona. former reagan white house political director jeffery lord. both of you have smiles on your face that belie your disgust. that is too bad. maria, you go first. make the case for why hillary clinton should be seen as less
2:40 am
bad than donald trump. >> how about the fact she is the best candidate in this race with more experience, more talent, more expertise, more qualifications than any other candidate in recent history, chris. i think that underscores the reason she is still ahead in most of the national polls and battleground polls. what she is offering the country is her experience and 30 years of fighting for children and families. her 30 years of putting america's middle class workers first. that is what i think voters are looking at. you compare her problems with e-mails and the issues with the clinton foundation where nobody has been able to prove anything. the fbi has even said that she has not put -- there is no evidence she has put national security at risk which is the
2:41 am
criticism on her e-mails. but donald trump. >> hold on. i want jeffery to state his case. same question. why is donald trump less bad? >> well, precisely because hillary clinton has all this experience and she hasn't managed being avoided by the investigation of the fbi. this is a problem with hillary clinton. beginning with the time as first lady of arkansas and managed to turn $1,000 into $100,000 in cattle futures. you go on there you time in the white house as first lady. you get to be secretary of state. whether it is benghazi or e-mails, et cetera, the same thing occurs over and over. it is bad judgment. this bad judgment landed her in the middle of the fbi investigation. that's a problem. >> pushback for each. jeffery, imagine what would happen for donald trump if he had the scrutiny of being in public service.
2:42 am
as a private citizen with every advantage, he doesn't have a public company. he is able to hide his taxes and hide his business alliances at his own discretion to give us nothing. imagine what would have happened. this man is sued for having a fegaezi university. >> a what? >> you know what it means. i use it with you all the time. fegaezi. fake, bogus. a list of problems. >> the new york ag is not fegaezi. >> if you want to undermine democracy, do it on a different show. we keep them there until we have a good reason to take them out. >> chris, to be serious, this shows one of the problems here. we give an automatic benefit to somebody because they hold public office as opposed to private citizens. the way this is supposed to
2:43 am
work. private citizens go to public office and serve and go home and till the farm, as it were, as george washington did. with what we have is people make a career and they never go home. >> that is a legitimate criticism. it is also a distraction. i'm saying hillary clinton has been under the white hot spotlight for many years and donald trump has not. except when his mouth brings it into him. he weathered one scandal after another. >> to you, cardona, yes, from jump, hillary clinton has been dogged about questions, that you are right, have never been proven to trigger a legality, but that for some is too high a standard. if you are seen as sneaky or convenient to the disadvantage of others, that may be enough.
2:44 am
has she shown she can escape that allegation in a very tight race with a guy like donald trump? >> i think she has. here's the ironic thing about your premise, chris. you are right. a lot of people see she has the penchant for secrecy and it lands her in hot water. she is the first to admit it with the e-mail server. she has the penchant for secrecy, we know more about her than we know about any public servant in recent history. we know everything there is to know about her taxes.forthright. we know about all of her businesses and bill clinton's businesses because they have been forthright. we don't know about donald trump's. we know everything having to do with the clinton foundation.
2:45 am
they have transparency rules. all of the donors with scrutiny. we know it because they offered it up. you know nothing about what is going on with donald trump. >> it is the difference between public and private. quick. i got to go. >> based on the recent analysis of richard nixon, he should not only get a third term. >> we will leave it there. you can get cardona and lord on twitter. knock yourself out. thanks for being with us. alisyn. are hillary clinton's e-mails troubles which were released in the last 24 hours, is it a game changer? hear what diehards are saying. pampers. unlike ordinary diapers with two layers, pampers have three
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fbi director james comey's decision announcing he is investigating e-mails from hillary clinton's long time aide huma abedin right before the election is drawing different reactions on the campaign trail. for the trump campaign and its supporters, it breathed new life into the campaign. cnn's randi kaye has more. >> reporter: a familiar chant outside donald trump's rally in warren, michigan. >> it's a revolution. >> it's a movement. >> reporter: like donald trump himself, some supporters are suggesting the case against hillary clinton is being reopened. even though fbi director james comey never used that language. he told congress investigators should review the newly discovered e-mails. >> i must encourage they are reopening it and looking into it more thoroughly. >> reporter: they are not reopening it. >> they will take another look versus reopening.
2:51 am
>> reporter: the director never said reopening. he said they will look at e-mails. >> is there a hair we're going split? >> reporter: i'm stating the facts. and supporters here believe the fbi director knows more than he is letting on. >> i believe they know there are damaging e-mails in there and she is in trouble. >> reporter: the fbi director hasn't seen the e-mails yet. >> they have to know they will not bring that to the attention unless there is serious information in there that is damaging for hillary clinton. >> how do you know? >> reporter: that's why they had to get the warrant to take another look. >> he would thought have done that to hillary if he had not seen or heard something. >> reporter: despite the fact that the fbi has not released a single detail of the e-mails comments, supporters make it sound like they already know. >> what do you think could be big on the e-mails? >> i think there are e-mails she
2:52 am
forwarded to a laptop at her house that implicates the clinton foundation. >> there has been talk with the president of the united states around the e-mails. who knows. >> reporter: you don't know that for a fact? >> no. neither do you or anybody else. >> reporter: if the e-mails damage clinton's campaign, voters here say there is only one person to blame. >> this is a huge mess. you have to come back to who started the mess. it was the secretary of state who chose to have a private e-mail server. >> reporter: randi kaye, cnn, warren, michigan. >> on the other side of the ball, you have hillary clinton supporters. they say they heard more than enough about e-mails. they concede the fbi director's decision to investigate new e-mails from clinton's long time aide makes them nervous. cnn's gary tuchman has more from
2:53 am
ohio. >> reporter: rally goers in cincinnati have more reason to vote for hillary clinton. they are tired about hearing of her e-mails. that is why james comey's action last friday has upset so many here. >> how concerned are you it could affect the election? >> about a scale of one to ten, five. some people didn't want to vote for her before. it could tip them to trump. >> i'm a little concerned. i feel people have made up their minds. they know who they are voting for. >> reporter: are you having sleepless nights about it? >> it doesn't weigh on my minds. >> reporter: there is concern among some there is more to the fbi director's action. >> i think the republicans gang up on her. that's what i believe. >> do you think the fbi director is involved if the effort to
2:54 am
gang up on her? >> he has something to do with it. he is being real quiet. i believe he has something to do with it. >> i am disappointed in him. i'm not angry in him. he has a job to do. i'm disappointed he did not provide more information. >> reporter: derek daniel arrived nine hours ahead of the rally. >> does it show a weakness in your candidate? >> not necessarily. it shows a clear divide in the american people. >> reporter: as the race winds down, many hillary clinton supporters have lost interest in being diplomatic about donald trump or those who admire donald trump. >> i think the trump supporters are voting for him for one reason. that they don't want any of their tax dollars benefitting minorities. that is the reason he has so much support in this campaign. >> that is cynical.
2:55 am
>> that's what i believe. >> reporter: and something else that people believe. the writing is on the wall. >> does it concern you that hillary clinton is not running away with this? >> hmmm. i'm not so sure she's not running away with it. >> reporter: gary tuchman, cnn, cincinnati. >> i thought she was going to stare down gary. the near paranoia and contempt. the disbelief and any fact that does not confirm their own beliefs. same on both sides. >> that is telling there is that symmetry. and as we discussed, we have controversies that crop up every 24 hours. at some point, they just dispel both of them because they're dug in. let us know what you think about all of this. you can find us on twitter. between hillary clinton's
2:56 am
e-mails and donald trump's taxes. how big of an impact will these have on the outcome one week from today? today we're gonna be comparing these two truck beds. let's start over here with this aluminum bed. you put your toolbox up here... whoa! that's a big hole. that is unbelievable. now let's check out the roll formed steel bed of the silverado. same angle,same empty tool box. took it way better. the steel held up. it's truck month! make a strong decision. find your tag and get over eleven thousand total value on this silverado all star. silverado proved it is the toughest truck here.
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a lot of you may be asking what this new e-mail story is about. >> thank you, huma. thank you, anthony weiner. >> there is no case. >> tease are not the hallmarks of a responsible investigation. >> i have to give the fbi credit. it took a lot of guts. >> one u.s. senator's shocking comments caught on tape. >> this is one of those make or break moments. >> to all americans, i say it is time for real leadership. >> it truly is in your hands. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning. welcome to your new day. a blatant double standard.


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